Tartan Clothes from Scotland

People from around the world are always wanting to know what sort of tartan clothes from Scotland they can get, and where can they buy them.

Many people from other countries, be they from United States of America to Japan, who do not want to buy or wear the kilt or the full Scottish dress, still would like to wear clothes made of tartan material. This has led to a huge number of everyday clothes being made with a tartan pattern. In fact in my own visits to the USA I found many items in the stores.

The Kilt and Highland Dress is worn at special functions such as weddings and Click Highland Games by the pipers and drummers in the Click Music Competitions as well as the dancers in the Click Dancing Events and I'm sure you'll probably ask the age-old question, "What do Scotsmen wear under their kilts when you watch the Athletic Events, and especially Tossing the Caber.

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Tartan slippers

Tartan slippers

However, often when people search the internet they might find difficulty finding out this information because they key in 'Plaid' and not the word tartan.

You may be unsure what the difference is between plaid and tartan. If you are then please click HERE to learn a bit more.

Tartan Pyjamas

When one things of tartan or plaid, the first thing you might think of is kilts, but these days you can get so many other clothes made from tartan, it's hard to know where to start.

Child wearing tartan hat

These days you can get just about every item of clothes you can think of with a tartan pattern.

You can get hats, scarves, gloves, both ladies and gents underwear, shorts and blouses, skirts, trousers (pants) skirts and dresses right down to socks and slippers.

Tartan Skirt

In fact, you name it and someone has probably made that item in tartan.

As well as clothes many people are looking for hair bands, wallpaper, carpets, furniture and all household items. It has become very fashionable in some circles to have 'all things Scottish'.

Tartan Hairbands

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Tartan Clothes from Scotland

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