When is it Safe to Travel to Scotland?

If you are asking yourself the question, 'When is it safe to travel to Scotland?' then the answer is simple, ANYTIME!

Of course with today's threats, everyone has to be vigilant; and I guess on one hand, safe travel begins with you! What do I mean by that? Well, many folk ask the question, "How safe is it to travel overseas?" and obviously many people from USA are keen to know if it is safe for Americans to travel. So this is a very important question as you plan your Scottish vacation.

With terrorist threats reaching many countries, it is up to yourself to do diligent research to finding out how safe it is to travel, and indeed when is it safe to travel. As you know things can change from month to month and even week to week; however your own Government will provide up-to-the-minute information on any country you plan to visit, including Scotland.

However, on a cheerier note, as well as looking at the question, "When is it safe to travel?" you'll want to decide when is the When is the Best Time to Visit Scotland, as well as looking at some general information on overseas travel. Be sure to check out the weather and learn a bit more about our currency and the best way to keep in touch with family and friends back home while you're away.

When is is safe to travel?

Immingration - when is it safe to travel?

But getting back to the question of when is it safe to travel,please let me reassure you - Scotland is a very safe place to visit (and indeed live!). Yes, we have had threats (and indeed an 'attack') like other countries - but in general, Scotland is not considered a 'high risk' area.

As well as looking at the question, "When is it safe to travel?" you might well have concerns about other safety issues that you might want to look at before visiting Scotland. Spend a wee while with me here as I explore some of these things.

Local Safety

What about local safety, local criminals? Generally speaking, it is quite safe to walk around anywhere, at any time of the day or night. Of course there are seedier parts of any big town or city, but in many ways it is unlikely that you would go to these parts anyway.

By world standards, Scotland is considered a safe place to visit. You don't find lots of gun crimes. Indeed, it is against the law for us to carry guns, and even the Police don't carry them. Indeed most of us have only seen a gun on the television or a film!

But of course like anywhere else, there is certainly crime! But the same advice that you would give to a visitor to your own country, would apply here.

  • Do not to leave any valuables where they can be seen to tempt the opportunist thief.

  • Use hotel safes if you are staying in a hotel.

  • In your car make sure all your valuables are in the boot (trunk), if you leave them in full view, there is always a thief about who will smash the car window to help themselves.

  • In the cities in particular if you are travelling on public transport at busy times, guard your belongings from 'pick-pockets'.

  • Use Travellers' Cheques (and keep the numbers separate in case you lose them) instead of carrying large sums of money.

  • Be discreet when keying in your PIN number at Cash Points or buying goods

  • NEVER give out your PIN number to anyone else!

Transport Safety

It goes without saying these days that there is great security at airports and ports. When you leave your own country there will be checks that you have to go through and limitations on what you can take and not take. Obviously when you arrive in Scotland (if not travelling from another part of UK first), there will be security procedures at Customs and Immigration - but requirements will be issued when you book your tickets.

The same will apply on your return from Scotland. You will have to report to the airport or port WELL in advance and your luggage and yourself will go through all the usual safety and security checks. Sometimes it can be very frustrating as it can mean hanging around for hours, but it is a necessary part of today's travel, and it is keeping us all safe.

What to do in an emergency

Of course no-one ever thinks an emergency will happen to them; but you may well lose something, have it stolen, or have some unfortunate incident happen.

If you have something stolen from a restaurant, hotel or other premises, then please inform the management and they will advise you. The problem can be reported at the local Police Station if necessary.

The Emergency Services telephone number for Fire, Police and Ambulance is 999. If you have occasion to use this, and please note this number should ONLY be used in an emergency - please speak slowly and clearly, stating the problem. They will then go on to ask for further information, including your name and location. It is also advisable to keep a note of your Passport Details in a separate place in case you lose it.

Police Car

Car Safety

There are so many issues regarding car safety and of course driving safely that this warrants a page on its own.

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