Climate Map Of Scotland

To display a climate map of Scotland would only show the weather for that point it time. So I have included this up-to-the-minute forecast based on my home of Auchtermuchty.

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The Weather is a subject of constant discussion not only in Scotland but throughout UK generally, and it's something you'll want to look at when you are planning your Scottish Vacation. The fascination that we British have with our weather, and the reason it enters into almost every conversation, is because it is so changeable.

But, generally, Scotland is cool and damp and often cloudy, but daily weather is unpredictable and extremely variable. January and February are by far the coldest months, with the daily temperatures averaging 41°F to 45°F (5°C to 7°C), while during summer the average temperatures of 66°F (19°C) during its warmest months of July and August.

Scottish weather!

Climat Map of Scotland - the weather

At most times of the year it is perfectly possible to have glorious sunshine, chilling cold, together with wind, rain and even snow - four seasons all in the one day! I've even seen snow showers in June, and November can be filled with glorious sunshine albeit not warm.



Scottish weather is on average cooler than that of England and the further north you go, the cooler it seems to become.

Our northern latitude means we have unbelievably short days in the winter (when you it is dark for so much of the day and have to keep the lights on) but we also have wonderfully long days in the summer. At the end of June, for example, there is only about 3 hours when it is really dark.

The following is not a climate map of Scotland, but it should help planning your trip, as you'll want to see exactly which part of the country" Scotland's Enchanting Kingdom" can be found.

Map of Scotland
Highlighting Fife

Climate Map of Scotland

Of course, I am very biased - and I think the Kingdom of Fife's weather is the best in Scotland. If you follow any forecasts, you will often see that even when there is cloud over other parts of the country, Fife still has that lovely blue sky.

It is my belief that have more sunny days than other parts, although I have to admit it is not a hot climate, or even warm sometimes! Indeed we have had friends visiting from Florida in the height of summer who came totally unprepared, and went and bought some cashmere cardigans and even a coat to keep them warm.

So if you are coming to visit - please be prepared!

Use this map below to plan to trip of the Things to do and places to see in Fife.

Map of Fife

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