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When Visiting Scotland

As you plan your Scottish vacation, you will be investigating lots of general overseas travel information to ensure you make the most of your trip, from looking at the best time to visit.; or you may also want to look at the weather to know what clothes to bring; as well having a bit of an understanding about our currency, so you can buy all those wonderful items such as kilts, or and indeed when is the tartan clothes. You'll also want to get a bit of an understanding about our telephone system to ensure you keep in touch with those back home.

But you'll probably be asking yourself some other important questions such as when it is safe to travel; and perhaps consider how will also probably look at how you can keep yourself safe and healthy during your trip. You just CANNOT travel anywhere abroad without this, and often it is a pre-requisite when buying the ticket. One of the most important things you will need to do is organise Travel Insurance, and when doing this there are a number of things you will need to consider, and ask your travel agent or broker. No doubt you will think of others.

Travel Medical Insurance

  • What about Travel Insurance for people with health conditions?

  • How do you book international travel and medical insurance?

  • How can I ensure that the Insurance will be comprehensive and cover the destinations where I want to go.

  • Are there multi-trip Travel Insurance Plans (a very useful and cost effective if you do several overseas trips per year).

  • How much will I be insured for, and what exactly will it cover?

  • What if I am over 65, will the cost go up? Or can I get a low-cost policy?

So, assuming you have done your homework and arranged an appropriate health insurance, how else can you keep yourself fit and healthy when travelling abroad (to Scotland, of course!)? What other overseas travel information will you need?

Well if your health insurance is fine, there are still health and safety issues you should consider when planning your vacation.

Depending on where you go, you should ask yourself some other general questions.

First Aid

Overseas Travel Information for Scotland

Is the water safe to drink?

Yes, indeed the water is very safe to drink. In fact our water is so good it is shipped in bottles to all round the world, and of course it is used in the making of the finest whisky!

Will the food upset my stomach?

The Scottish Food should NOT upset your stomach! But of course every change of diet can take a little adjusting to. But you will find the Scottish Food in hotels and restaurants usually is made with the finest ingredients.

Of course if you over-indulge on some of our food, then you will probably suffer, but that would be the same wherever you went.

As the temperature never gets really hot for long, do I still need to use Sun Protection?

The answer is a clear yes, yes, yes. We may not have the hottest climate in the world but we do get sun and the UV rays are just as powerful. So YES, please bring your sun protection (as well as sunglasses and umbrella).

Am I in any danger with the wildlife and nature?

This is a good question and the answer is both yes and no. You're certainly not going to be attacked by some wild vicious animal (apart from a Haggis!). If you are wandering around the mountainside, hills or country, then you might come face to face with a deer, but they will probably run away from you. There are wild boar around, and there has also been some sightings of 'BIG CATS', but the likelihood of you seeing them is slim!

There are adders around, but again they are not aggressive creatures, and often scurry away when a human is about. They will only use there poison when caught or trodden on. No-one has died in Britain from a snake bite for over 20 years.

You CAN of course receive some nasty stings from thistles and 'stinging nettles' - the latter can cause a very uncomfortable rash for a few hours.

If you are of the hardy variety and chose to swim in a loch or the sea (the water is usually VERY cold) then it is unlikely that there will be anything to harm you. Of course if you are up north at Loch Ness, you MAY see the 'Nessie' our resident and friendly monster!!

Regarding 'beasties and bugs' - I personally have been stung on more than one occasion with a rather unfriendly wasp and even a bee. Bee stings can cause reaction, so if you think you have been stung by one, seek medical attention.

And lastly, and very importantly on this section - we have a little creature called a Midgie (or Midge). Oh how unpleasant they are. They can cause itching and redness and cause similar reactions to a mosquito (but without carrying disease). They won't kill you, but they are a nuisance!

What do I do if I take ill there?

If you have a known condition, such as a heart problem or diabetes, epilepsy etc, please DO carry some information with you that will inform people quickly. However if you are generally healthy and have a minor complaint then you might be able to buy the appropriate medication over the counter at a Chemist (Pharmacy or Drug Store).

If you feel the problem is more serious then your Hotel, Holiday representative or the Local Tourist Information Office might be able to put you in touch with a local Doctor.

Can I take my prescription medication?

I would advise that you bring more than you need of any prescription drug for the duration of your trip. Discuss this with your own Doctor before you travel.

What to do if you need to call the Emergency Services?

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to contact the Emergency Services such as Ambulance, the telephone number is 999. Please use this service only in a real EMERGENCY especially in rural areas.

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