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Are you starting to plan your Scottish Vacation? There's a number of things you might want to consider such as when is it safe to travel, or you might also want to know the the best time to visit. You might want to familiarize yourself with our currency, or know what the weather is going to be like. Check out the Overseas Travel Information page for further help. Do also have a look at the page on Travelling TO Scotland to decide the best way to come, as well as the page on Getting Around when you're here to plan whether you're going to drive, travel by train, bus or whatever.

Of course, it is my desire through publishing this website that you will be tempted to make the Kingdom of Fife as part of your trip! Check out some of the Places to see in Fife and also have a wee look at some of the many Things to do.

However, you're possibly looking at some practical issues like where you can get cheap travel deals; or how you will get here, for instance, by air travel, train, or ferry. This, of course, depends on where you come from. If you are from North America, Australia, Asia or Africa or other places 'far away' then you will probably fly. If you are coming from other parts of the UK or one of the European countries, then you may choose to take the train, come by ferry (including Northern Ireland) and even bring your own car over.

You will have heard or read things about Scotland that really interest you such as history and castles and palaces such as Falkland Palace or maybe where to play golf , or perhaps the beautiful scenery, visiting a distillery or going on a 'whisky trail'. There are just so many wonderful places to visit and things to see and do, that you'll need to prioritize how much you in fit in.

Plan Your Scottish Vacation 1

But my guess is that as you plan your Scottish vacation, you've probably got dozens of questions such as
  • "What's the best way to travel to Scotland?"

  • "What's the best way to travel around when I get there? Should I use public transport such as bus or train, or should I hire a car?" "If I hire a car, don't they drive on the left in Scotland, and have all those 'scary' roundabouts?"

  • "Where can I find information about a Scottish Golf vacation?" "What about Scottish holiday rentals such as cottages?" "Would it be better to stay in a hotel, or a Bed and Breakfast place?"

  • "What's the food like?"

  • "Do the Scots speak English?" "What currency is used? Is it the pound (£) as in England or do they use the Euro, as in Southern Ireland?

  • "Do I need a visa or 'shots' to go to Scotland? Are there other 'entry' requirements?" These are important questions to research before you plan your Scottish Vacation.

  • What do I do if I become ill when I'm here? "Is the drinking water safe?" What about my personal safety?"

  • "How do my family make a call to my hotel?" "How do I phone home?"
So, before you plan your Scottish vacation, let me try to give you some general information.

Plan Your Scottish Vacation
Plan Your Scottish Vacation 2


When you plan your Scottish vacation or indeed any oversees vacation, you want to know what the language is. The main language in Scotland is English. Of course in the Islands and some parts the Highlands you will still find Gaelic spoken, and indeed many signs are in both languages; but English is the main language.

However, some of the accents and dialects can be a little hard to understand, and it might take you a "wee" while to "tune in" to the accents. To feel confident that you understand everything you might want to get yourself an English to Scottish dictionary as part of the preparation when you plan your Scottish vacation.

When is the best time visit Scotland?

The answer to this question depends on a number of issues. First of all you may want to consider the weather (see small section below and the link to Climate Map of Scotland page). Of course the weather doesn't dictate everything. It will depend on what you want to see and do.



The climate in Scotland is very temperate. In other words we do not have really, really bitter cold winters, nor do we have particularly hot summers. This means you need to be prepared when you're planning what clothes to bring. We CAN have and occasional hot day, but generally speaking, do bring something warm to wear, even in the summer.

Even when we do have a hot summer day, the temperature drops in the evening. We just don't get those balmy, humid evenings that you get in other parts of the world. But we do have four distinct season. Of course it is a known fact we get rain do bring an umbrella if you can, or a light rain coat. In fact I would say, pack your umbrella or 'brolly' as we call it as well as your sunglasses.

Scottish Currency/Money

Scotland does not have its 'own' money; what is considered 'English' money is in fact British money, and used throughout the UK. But you may have questions about how to change currency when you're here, understand our tax on goods you might buy, or have questions about tipping etc. So if you want more information on this to help you plan your Scottish vacation click the link to Scottish Currency.

Passports, Visas and Vaccinations

As you plan your Scottish vacation, you'll want to ensure that you have no problems in entering the country. The rules and regulations for this are pretty straightforward.

These facts are accurate at the time of writing

  • If you are a visitor from within the European community can enter Britain with a passport, without a visa for 3 months.

  • If you are from United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, you can enter on a passport as well and stay for up to 6 months.

  • If you are from another country you may require a Visa which you can get from the British Consulate in you own country.

  • No special vaccinations are needed to enter Britain

Please also contact the British Consulate in your own country to ensure that there are no changes (in the light of current terrorist activities.)

Your Health and Your Safety

First of all - yes, you CAN drink the water. In fact it is renowned as being excellent. Secondly, Scotland is considered a very safe place to visit. For further information go to the page on Overseas Travel Information to learn more.


Making sure people from home can contact you, and you them, is something we all like to be sure about when going abroad, whether it is using your own mobile (cellphone), public phones or internet. I'm sure that as you plan your Scottish vacation this might well be something that interests you. So please click HERE for further information on using our telephone system and 'keeping in touch'.

What's the Food like?

One of the exciting things about visiting any other country is sampling their food. Scotland has a natural 'larder' of its own produce, and many of our recipes are world renowned. Many people from overseas describe British food as bland, but Scotland has the most wonderful natural ingredients, that if you go to a good restaurant, you will find some of the finest food in the world. Of course, if you buy the 'fast foods' then often the 'quality' is the same as 'fast food' anywhere. Check out some Scottish Recipes. Try making some of the delicious recipes before you come.

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