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Are you a Scot living abroad? Were your parents or grandparents Scottish? Do you have any other affinity with Scotland – ie you studied here, worked here, visited and loved the country? Perhaps you are a member of a Scottish Society or an association of some kind either at home or abroad.

Maybe you have Scottish friends and long to visit; or maybe you just enjoy some of our rich heritage such as playing golf, drinking whisky, watching television, talking on the telephone, or had your health improved with penicillin (all inventions and discoveries by famous Scots) , listening to poetry , attending Burn’s Suppers, or just singing Auld Lang Syne at New Year?

People the world over have some connection or affinity with Scotland. As you are looking at this website, I am sure you are one of them. We, in Scotland want the world to know about our country and our rich heritage, and the Scottish Executive are working with Local Authorities, the people, and businesses to make the year 2009 (and beyond) a time to visit Scotland.

The Project is called Homecoming Scotland. The Homecoming year will promote Scotland as a modern, confident and dynamic nation, with a great past and an exciting future. People will be encouraged to visit Scotland to (re)experience its rich and varied culture.


  • The Home of Golf

  • The Home of Burns

  • The Home of Whisky

  • The Home of Innovation & Enlightenment

  • The Home of Ancestors

What's it all about?

Homecoming Scotland 2009 is a year-long celebration of a world-changing past, a vibrant present and an inspiring future.

Share your passion for our country by taking part in Homecoming Scotland, a year-long celebration of our nation's rich historic past and exciting future.

Homecoming Scotland will take place in 2009, the 250th birth anniversary of Scotland's greatest poet, Robert Burns, and a fitting occasion for what promises to be a truly inspirational programme of events and activities.

Promoting Scotland as the modern, confident and dynamic nation it is today, the celebrations will showcase the best of Scotland's rich and diverse culture, produce and more, motivating visitors from across the globe to visit.

Whether you're a proud Scot, a welcome guest or an interested business partner, Homecoming Scotland 2009 invites you to join this unique celebration of all that makes Scotland great.

Scotland’s Enchanting Kingdom is proud to promote this.

Homecoming Scotland

Where does Fife Fit In?

Fife Council's 'Events in Fife' are leading the co-ordination of event activity in Fife in relation to the 2009 celebrations and are co-ordinating the event programme and promotion. Their role is not to organise events, but to make sure events coming in 2009 are promoted under this banner and thereby to the widest possible audience to raise Fife's profile on the global stage.

Fife has strong connections to Homecoming Scotland - for example:-

  • Dunfermline Carnegie Library houses the largest collection of Burns' work in the world.

  • St Andrews is globally recognised as the Home of Golf.

  • Adam Smith, from Kirkcaldy , author of the Wealth of Nations, has a connection with the Oswald family (Ayrshire) who were signatories of the 1776 American Treaty of Independence.

  • Whisky links with Diagio.

  • Fife Family History Fair and its role in retracing ancestral roots.

  • Over 200 Clan organisations exist in USA alone, many of whose Scottish descendants organise annual highland games. The first highland games originated in Dunfermline.

What is planned in Fife?

Ideas are already flooding in and Fife Council is working with the National Portrait Gallery, Strathclyde University and the R&A to host the recreation of the match on the Old Course, St Andrews with the descendants of those depicted in the famous painting 'The Golfers'.

Discussions are also underway on proposals to create:

  • Wonderful multi-national dance festival linked to all Fife's twin towns.

  • Multi-mela involving all the diverse cultures which make up Fife.

  • Film Festival.

  • World-class motorsports.

  • Scotfest - importing the Tilburg (in Holland) version of Highland Games.

How will it be Funded?

Over the coming months Homecoming Scotland will be working with a range of stakeholders and partners to bring you information about potential funding opportunities. For more information contact: www.homecomingscotland.com

Applications will also be received by Fife Council's Major Events Investment Programme.

What happens next?

All event organisers in Fife are being encouraged to visit the Homecoming Scotland website Fife Council

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