by Robbie Kennedy Bennett

It's pleasing to be where you've been,
And to see what you've seen,
The fields of farmers corn,
The cottage in where you were born,
Those Lanes with walls of stone,
Did you run or wander and roam.
Could you see the smoke from the railway,
Rise over the Kingdom of Fife,
Have you stood on Ladybank station,
Was it happy your childhood life.
The Lomond Hills stand high,
As high as the Scottish sky.
Is that where you wanted to be,
Did you want to climb them to see,
North to the Firth of Tay,
The church of Collessie or Cupar,
And out to St. Andrews bay.
Did you ever ride out to the ocean,
Watch the fishing boats mooring at Crail,
Was the sea your only tomorrow,
How soon were you likely to sail.
Your bloodline runs on now in England,
Bennet Kennedy roots lie in Fife,
We honour the land we are living,
But The Kingdom's a part of our life.

Edited by May
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Mar 06, 2008
Hi Robbie
by: May

Robbie, your own comments are appreciated. I think this poem would certainly have made your Dad proud!

Mar 05, 2008
The Kingdom of Fife
by: Robbie Kennedy Bennett

I feel proud that my poem about my late father, Cecil Kennedy Bennett or Cecil Bennet Kennedy from Ladybank has created interest, it was only an innocent piece of writing. It was really for me, then I wondered if my brothers would like it? One day our children may read it and think, hey, it's not bad.

When I told my Mom about Scotland's Enchanting Kingdom interest, she told me, 'tell them about the one that starts; 'It's pleasing to be where you've been.' 'I have done Mom', I replied, It's called The Kingdom of Fife.' 'That's one of my favourites' she said.

So, there we go, I always thought it was for my Dad, but it must also be for my Mom. She met my Dad during National Service in Aldershot Hospital.

Mar 05, 2008
how lovely
by: Susan

and so heartfelt. Love this contribution and it's so part of the Kingdom that I recognise - both from this site and my visits.

Mar 04, 2008
What a view
by: Edwyn

Great poem Robbie - I like the centrality of the Lomond hills and how you can see all round the Kingdom from there, it's as if they were put there just to let us do that! I like your poems - keep them coming!

Mar 04, 2008
by: Lover of Fife

What a beautiful poem about the land I love. Really took me back to fond childhood memories and made me look into the future too. Fife is beautiful and romantic but also an exciting place to live. This poem really brings it alive in a very gentle way.

Mar 04, 2008
Fabulous Poem
by: May

Thank you so much for sharing with the visitors of this site your wonderful poem about the Kingdom of Fife. I LOVE it!

Anyone who knows Fife will, I'm sure, love it too. I can see the Lomond Hills from my house, and of course, living in Auchtermuchty, am pretty near Ladybank, Collessie and Cupar; and St Andrews is one of my favourite places in the whole world. I go there almost every week.
Thank you again Robbie for sharing your work. I have also enjoyed browsing your own site and all your other delightful poems.
Best wishes

Mar 04, 2008
Nice Poem
by: Kate

What a nice poem - which really captures the Kingdom of Fife. Sounds like you're really holding on to your heritage Robbie.

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