The Silver Trail to Crail ©

by Robbie Kennedy Bennett

Silver shone o’er the Forth from under a blanket of grey,
This morn in March, the last time I was here it was May.

Early once more by the sensuous shore
Onward I gather my trail,
Twenty so miles over sand steps and styles
Walking from Leven to Crail.

In the Kingdom am I and silver is mine,
In a dawning that’s so divine.
Unnoticed by the lazy eye,
In the Kingdom, so proud I could cry.

Impressed by viaducts at Largo
Mount Pleasant a rainbow’s apparent,
Beaming and gleaming beyond where I had been
Sadly becoming transparent.

Navigating the climb around Ruddons Point,
Testing my muscles and an aging joint.
Ruins near St Monans the chapel at the edge,
My footsteps were careful along the ledge.
Beneath the headstones as they lay in rest,
Respectful am I in my quest.
They face out to sea and the Isle of May,
As I link the two bridges of the Forth and Tay,

Dwellings near seawalls in Pittenween
Oh how active it must have been,
Along the East Neuk coastal places
The excitement and fear in fishermen’s faces.
Portraying there worth in a museum display,
Mans challenge of survival of yesterday.

The harbour walk to Anstruther
Desire to quench my thirst,
In the Larachmhor with a glass of ale
Then onward once more on the trail to Crail.
Stepping on stones and footprints in sand,
Walking my walk on this land.
It will be for every ancestral life,
That was born and toiled in the Kingdom of Fife.

Blue sky o’er the Forth from under pillows of white,
This March afternoon as Crail became in sight.
Unnoticed by the lazy eye,
In the Kingdom, so proud I could cry.

Edited by May
Robbie has written some other fabulous poems about Fife - some of which are on this site. But do check out his own site RKB Poetry

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Apr 20, 2008
by: May

Once again Robbie you've really captured the area. anyone who loves the East Neuk will identify with this poem.

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