A Forbidden Love

by Frank Maguire

By yonder hill where bluebells grow
A Campbell lass lived long ago
She fell in love with a brave young man
And his name was highland Harry

A common man of noble deed
A lion-heart of regal breed
Clan McDonald in his blood
No fear had highland Harry

They met when flowers were in bloom
And birds were singing sweet in June
A love was born two lives to span
For that lass and highland Harry

They courted strong they courted well
Through every glen and every dell
So lost within the love they shared
That lass and highland Harry

She blessed the day she blessed the night
She blessed the time he held her tight
Such feelings never felt so right
How she loved her highland Harry

He loved her hard he loved her long
He showered her with rhyme and song
When she was near he felt so strong
So in love was highland Harry

A secret kept between the two
Come Autumn time a baby due
The world was full of joyous things
For that lass and highland Harry

They made some plans to wed in spring
Inviting all and everything
They’re singing hearts they beat as one
For that lass and highland Harry

The lass she begged her father so
To bless and let their union grow
“Deny me not my destiny
I belong with highland Harry”

But her father said “I’ll not agree
No McDonald man will marry thee
A Campbell lass you will remain
Turn away from highland Harry”

Her father shook with raged red
He wished that young McDonald dead
“I’ll slay him after he has bled
If you betroth to highland Harry”

She cried the tears she cried the pain
She cried for love that was in vain
Her life would never be the same
Without her highland Harry

A pact was made the deed was done
Two young lovers on the run
With trusted steed they rode the night
That lass and highland Harry

Guided by the shining moon
They knew their ship was sailing soon
Fast they rode and she held tight
To her darling highland Harry

They dreamed of times that lay ahead
A life of love no fear or dread
A heaven just across the sea
For that lass and highland Harry

They saw the ship they saw the sea
By morning time they would be free
They rode the wind unto the shore
That lass and highland Harry

But her father and the Campbell clan
Had rode the night and made a plan
Their purpose was to slay one man
And his name was highland Harry

They sprung their trap just by the shore
Her father said “you’ll ride no more
I’ll slay McDonald to the floor
Say farewell to highland Harry”

Her father pulled him from his steed
Then drew his sword with lightening speed
Prepared to fight unto the death
To cut down highland Harry

The clash of swords rang like a bell
Through every glen and every dell
Her father fought his bravest fight
But so did highland Harry

The fight was fierce the fight was long
But young McDonald was too strong
He stood alone in victory
A true warrior highland Harry

As her father lay with wounds abound
He raised his head up from the ground
“Kill me now and kill me well”
He called to highland Harry

Young McDonald said “I’ll kill no more
On battlefield or by this shore
My lass and I have settled this score
Let us be” said highland Harry

But the Campbell sons of Campbell clan
All warriors both boy and man
They carried out their gory plan
Death loomed for highland Harry

As he lay there dying on the grass
He called out to the Campbell lass
“My queen my love for evermore
You’re my life” said highland Harry

She whispered soft “my lion-heart
Now is not the time to part
You are my love you are my life
You are my highland Harry”

“I’ll tend thee well your wounds I’ll heal
I’ll beg I’ll borrow and I’ll steal
Forever I will be your love
My darling highland Harry”

She held him tight as he lay there
She prayed to God his life to spare
Her tears they fell upon his face
As she kissed her highland Harry

He smiled at her with heart so weak
He kissed the teardrops from her cheek
He said “a new life you must seek
But remember highland Harry”

“Raise our son and teach him well
What’s right and wrong and stories tell
Of life of love of heaven and hell
And who was highland Harry”

Their lips they met their hearts were one
Such love would never be undone
He died that night lost in their love
Farewell to highland Harry

She kissed his plaid and spread it wide
She wrapped his body deep inside
She left that night and sailed the sea
Without her highland Harry

The years rolled on the lass grew old
But her memories were forged in gold
And many stories she did tell
To the son of highland Harry

She saw in him his father’s way
A true heart that would never stray
His life his being his everything
So much like highland Harry

“Be proud your father never run
Be proud of noble deeds he done
Be proud you are the only son
Of my darling highland Harry”

The Campbell lass she died one night
Her son was there and held her tight
She left this world with all her might
To be with her highland Harry

Their son he lived up to his breed
A common man of noble deed
Clan McDonald in his blood
And his name… was highland Harry

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Feb 24, 2009
Deeply Touched My Heart
by: Hellon

What a beautiful write this is...I am absolutely enchanted with your words..the story and the love between these two people that you managed to convey with such ease to the reader in each and every line of this verse. This is a story I will come back to read over and over again. I left this verse with a tear in my eye and an ache in my heart. Very well done indeed.

Dec 24, 2008
Very Moving
by: May

Hi Frank
What a moving poem. You do manage to 'paint' with your words.
Thanks for sharing this with us.

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