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Do you want to build your own website? Or maybe start your own online business? Maybe you have an existing offline business you want to expand, or just have a hobby that you want to make money on, or perhaps you want to be a 'stay-at-home-Mum' but still need to earn and long to work from home, so you're still there when the family needs you. You may be facing retirement with little or not enough pension and would like to earn some extra money from home. Maybe you feel you don't know enough to do that? Well it's not as difficult as you might think!

Let me share my story with you - maybe this will give you the confidence to get started!

My Story

I live with my husband John in a lovely place called Auchtermuchty in the Kingdom of Fife. It's about half an hour away from the Forth Bridges and 20 minutes drive to St Andrews known throughout the world as the home of golf. For nearly 10 years I managed some projects run by a Christian Charity in the town of Glenrothes. Although I enjoyed my job, and had a great measure of success, I frequently felt that “work” got in the way of “living”.

I really believed that an internet business was the way forward. Something I could do from home, whether at 6 am or 9 pm, wherever I was. I was SURE it would give me the freedom to do all the things that the ‘day job’ just didn’t allow.

But where should I start? And what should I do? Those were two BIG questions for me! Some friends asked me, "How can you build your own website when you don't know html?" I didn't know, but I WAS DETERMINED!

My First Online Attempt(s)

I began searching the internet, looking up everything that said, "Build Your Own Website Business". I bought ebooks, devoured manuals, and was hungry to get going.

I looked at Ebay, Affiliate Marketing and every other ‘offer of success’ out there. I read until my brain was in overload. I had no knowledge of html or all the internet jargon. I just KNEW that there had to be a way to build your own website and for me to build an internet business and somehow learn about e-marketing, and all these other things like keywords, search engines etc.

I bought a couple of ‘ready-made’ sites that promised me I’d make money: I never! I was selling jewellery and began making a 'cheap and easy' website to offer this business opportunity to others world-wide. I worked hard at it. I didn’t need html or the other jargon. I joined some affiliate programmes and sat back waiting for it all to happen: It didn’t! I was hardly getting any traffic to my site – so no matter how ‘lovely’ I thought it was – no-one saw it! There had to be a better way.

Some people advised me to go and get someone to make me a site. Sounded good, but that would have meant every time I wanted to add or change something it would cost more money, and I would have no control over it. I also knew people who had paid $1000s to get a site made and they STILL weren’t getting much traffic to it! Their sites looked FABULOUS, but hadn’t made them any money despite the money they had spent to have someone else build it!

Confused Monkey

I got quite discouraged, but STILL believed this was achievable and was still determined to start an online business. So I went searching for even more information that would teach me exactly how to do this.

I wanted to learn how to build not just a website, but a business, and one that would work and give me long-term success. I wanted to learn how to do this - I didn't want someone else to do it for me. And I certainly didn't want to buy a website template and simply insert my name and then call it my site. I’d done that and failed.

If you've ever done a search for "start an online business" or "build your own website" or "make a website", you know that the internet is FLOODED with information on how to do this. However, you may have discovered, like me, that a lot of this information comes from companies keen to take your money - but no back-up to helping you build a solid, successful website.

But I continued to believe this was the way forward and was determined to succeed and do this "online thing" the right way. I continued my research looking for that company or person or system that would enable me to achieve my goal of running my own successful internet business. I had already spent and wasted lots of money, but my determination, continued research and patience led me to a company called Site Build It! (SBI).

Now ironically, I had ‘signed up’ as an SBI affiliate some time before – but never even looked at it! But a 'stray' email from SBI arrived in my mail. (I had changed ISP's so hadn't been receiving these newsletters). Now I began to soak up all the information with interest! I read the stuff over and over again, I watched the videos several times. It all sounded good, but I had believed lots of other companies’ marketing hype and got burned. But this company were showing me hard evidence that SBI sites were successful.

Jumping with computer Click HERE to see how SBI helps sites to reach the top 1% - 3% of ALL sites, according to

I am proud to say that "Scotland's Enchanting Kingdom" is one of those sites which ranks in the top 1% (ie it is higher than 99% of all sites on the Web).

But now, having learned from some of my previous mistakes, I found that Solo Build It seemed to plug all the missing gaps in my knowledge and understanding. It wasn’t just a ‘hosting’ company, but they provided all the learning tools, resources and materials I needed to build my site and my business, from getting the right keywords, to ensuring ways of monitizing!! They also sort out all the frightening technical stuff.

My Online Business

I am now enjoying building my site "Scotland's Enchanting Kingdom" and have plans for my next 2 sites. I have experienced a huge learning curve, but it has been worth it.

However, there are some things Solo Build It taught me LOUD and CLEAR, and if you are looking to build your own website, I would urge you to please take note them:-

  • This is not a get rich quick scheme! You are building a business. Like any business, (even an off-line business), it takes dedication, time, effort, as well as a determination to be successful.
  • I knew I had to build my business based on something I really loved, and you will too! Choose something that you have a measure of passion about, and the entire process will become a pleasure! I love Fife, and all things Scottish, which is why you are reading this on this site.
  • If you want to build your own website - follow the Solo Build It System which teaches - (Content – Traffic - PreSell - Monetize) and work your way through Solo Build It's "10-Day Action Guide" - then your success will happen! There's no need to reinvent the wheel! Solo Build It is all you need!

Build YOUR Own Website

Watch the video and see for yourself. Discover how YOU can build your own website.

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