Kingdom of Fife News

This is YOUR opportunity to share Kingdom of Fife News. You may be an individual, represent a Charity, a Church, a Club or Business and have something that may be of interest to people locally, nationally or internationally.

Here's some ideas of things you may want to share:

  • A birth, special birthday or anniversary or a wedding
  • A recent death
  • A forthcoming Church, charity, club or Business Event
  • The Development or Growth of a local Business.
  • The closure of a local business
  • Any Special Offers.

    We do have local Newspapers and a Local Radio Station, but this is YOUR chance to share local Fife News online.

    Do you have a Fife News Story?

    Do you have some news about something happening in the Kingdom of Fife? If you are a charity or indeed any organisation and want to share your news or events with other people - feel free to add it here.

    Or perhaps you want to comment on the main news stories below. Either way - join us here and share your news and/or your views!

    Try to make it as detailed as possible (400 - 500 words would be good): and don't forget to add a picture.

    Please remember this is a family site - so please keep your submissions suitable for all, with correct grammer and spelling.

    What Other Visitors Have Said

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    I was born at 5 West Albert road, Kirkcaldy in 1939 - just before the war broke out - and lived there for about 4 / 5 yrs. My father was the boss at the …

    Les Garbett 
    I moved from Methil to Australia in 1964 as a 16 year old after my mother passed away, with my stepdad Peter Thomson, brother Robert Thomson, and 2 sisters …

    Wood Mill Restaurant, Dunfermline 
    We are Bill and Douglas Robertson, a father and son who took over the Wood Mill Restaurant on 6th of April 2010. Douglas has several years experience running …

    Click here to write your own.

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