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Buttercup Dairy Company - 183–185 Station Road, Cardenden 
I am nearly finished a book on the Buttercup Dairy Company and am trying to find out a bit more about the shop, which used to be at 183-185 Station Road. …

Cardenden Railway Station 
Does anyone know the name of the nice family that used to stay at Cardenden Railway Station?

The Railway Tavern  
Can anyone tell me how old the Railway Tavern is? I hope someone out there knows. Was there an old inn there before the tavern? Edited by May: …

Highest Village in Fife 
As above I would like to know the name of the highest village in the Kingdom of Fife.I travel through Fife 3 or 4 times a week and there isn't a lot of …

My grandmother , Ellen Buchanan,was from Ayr, came to Newfoundland as a First World War bride. She is long since gone but my mother, her daughter has …

I am planning my first trip to scotland in a year. I want to experience Scotland scenery to the fullest effect. What time of year do the leaves peak in …

electrical plugs small appliances 

how many miles away is Markinch from Cupar Fife? 
I am looking at getting married at Balgonie Castle in Markinch, and having our reception and accommodations at Fernie Castle in Cupar Fife. What is the …

Cuddy House Road, Kingseat Road, Cowdenbeath  
Why was this road name Cuddy House Road? Editor's Answer I have no idea, I'm afraid. But maybe one of our visitors will have an answer to this. …

I am doing a report on Scotland and one of the questions is "What is the most common religion in Scotland?"

visa related~~ 
I am planning to travel Scotland this year...I will be personally invited by my family there.. so I have been searching for visa requirements by the Scottish …

Why the Kingdom of Fife 
Please explain why Fife is called the Kingdom of Fife?

I have heard that midges can be a particular nuisance for visitors to Scotland. As my wife is susceptible to insect bites when would be a good time this …

How many people live in Scotland?.

Food and Drink 
what food and drink have the Scots invented?

All the Currency in Scotland 
How much currency does Scotland have? I'm dong a report on Scotland and currency is one of the things I need to have on my report,please tell me about …

The Boy in the Train 
Many years ago when I lived on the outskirts of Glasgow, my aunt used to recite Scottish poems; one of these was "The Next Stop's Kirkcaldy". I notice …

Bed and Breakfasts Recommendations 
Can I please ask about bed and breakfast. Can you recommend a booklet as we plan to spend as much time with the real people and not corporate. Small towns …

Where to Travel 
Hello we will be with a tour group traveling throughout Ireland for 3 weeks. Our final destination will be Dublin. We would like to take advantage of the …

Hi May! Your site is lovely and informative. My 15 year old son is in Markinch right now. He just completed a 10-day camp at the Jamborette (Boy …

Ways to travel to Scotland from USA 
Hi! My name is Wendy and I am looking for different ways to travel to Scotland for the summer of 2009. I am in school and will be traveling around the …

Things to do for a retired lady teacher to do in Edinburgh. 
I am retiring to Edinburgh very soon and I would like to immerse myself in Scottish culture and life. Any ideas on how I can spend an active retirement? …

Davidson plaid pattern 
want to see and perhaps purchase items with the Davidson plaid pattern (family background)

The wearing of the kilt 
At what age do boys wear a kilt?

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Travel/Getting Around  
Hi May, First of all, I love your site. It is so useful and chock full of information! My husband and I are hoping to go to Scotland soon and we …

East Neuk 
It's maybe already in here on your excellent and informative site, I've just not had a chance to check it all thoroughly but what is the east neuk of Fife, …

how do the Scottish say "Merry Christmas"? 
How do the Scottish say "Merry Christmas"?

Question on Leven Not rated yet
I would like to know what is known about Kirkland house or White House of Leven. I believe it was run by Peter family in the 1800`s. I am family member …

Visit Greenlaw Not rated yet
I, from southern, California, would like to visit Greenlaw, Scotland in late summer of 2011. Length of trip would need to be 7 to 10 days. I will be …

"Freedom of Fife" bus service from St Andrews Not rated yet
In 2005 we enjoyed a day along the coast by bus, stopping at the first village and then going on to the next. Is "Freedom of Fife" service still offered? …

Old pictures of Kinglassie Fife? Not rated yet
I would be grateful if someone could tell me where i can find old Pictures of Kinglassie Fife to download,especially the 19th and 20th century pics.

businesses Not rated yet
While in St. Andrews, our 13yr. old grandson came upon a store that housed a "5 ft. amythest". Do you know the name of this store and it's address, please? …

Descendants of Lizzie Herd from Lochgelly Not rated yet
I am looking for descendants of Lizzie Herd from Lochgelly. My Grandmother was Jean Peden Herd. Her sister, Lizzie Herd married ? and had daughters …

lost receipe Not rated yet
My mother and grand mother were both from Scotland (Bellshill) to be grandmother used to make a sorta bun cake that was brown in color and had …

the words of a poem Not rated yet
My mother who is dead now was born in 1924 she born in Leven, she used to say a poem at family get togethers. It was called JENNIE GIE THE BAIRN A PEECE, …

boundaries of the Kingdom of Fife Not rated yet
Can you please give us details of the area of Fife and where the boundaries end, ie possibly a map?

Clootie Dumpling Not rated yet
Where in Fife can I order a Clootie Dumpling from? Answered by May, Editor Hi Linda I know of places such as pubs and restaurants where you …

Homecoming Year Not rated yet
Why is this year (2009) called homecoming year?

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