Scottish Books and Music Stores

Whether you live in Scotland or are planning a visit, you may wish to purchase some Books and Music before you come. I have selected a range of books and DVDs and divided them into categories or stores to make it easier to find them.

I do hope you will enjoy browsing the stores and find items that you really want. Just click on the BLUE Store Headings to get to the store you're looking for.

1.   Guide Books and Maps Bookstore- Select and Buy your Guide Books and Maps before you visit.

2.  General Books on Scotland Bookstore - See a good selection of books about Scotland.

3.  Golf in Scotland Bookstore- There are so many books on Golf that I felt this had to be a category on its own, especially as St Andrews in Fife is the "Home" of Golf.

4.   Scottish Language, Customs and Culture Bookstore - Whether you're looking for some history, Dictionary of Scottish Words, or information on all sorts of our culture eg Hogmanay, you'll find a selection of books here that might just fit the bill.

5.  Music and DVDs Store - You'll find a wide selection of some favourite Scottish Music such as Pipes and Drums, Fiddle, Accordian music and many famous Artists including The Proclaimers and Lulu.  There's also a selection of  DVDs which will introduce you to some of the sights of Scotland including Castles.

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