A' Suddent

by Alex Brunel

Yon breist was braw,
a daffsum sperit,
a' the daes rinnin' tumbly,
yer wirds a-rummie
a' the years passin' kind
a' yer faice, nae lines,
yon cheeks, sae wally
thine een, sae merry,
a' blae, lyk berrys
In truth, sae liberal,
scoffin' like a gannet
yer faither agin it
aye lyk a bairn
her treisur tae cairn.

A suddent
A boodle,
ane lanesome doolie
a missly ghaist
aye skirling an? sneetrin?
gruesome an greetin?,
wastit an paulie
a' shilpit an yowl
w' a skelf in its gowl.
Bletherin' blaflum
aye a' caur
thir nourice sae feart
Yer doctors the waur,
rin-ower they be,
w' carin' for ye.

Ma bonnie companion,
owr herts ane settal,
some ghoulie hae pairtit
yer mense frae yer mettle;
an oorie dae
noo wends oor wae.
Mauchtless an dour
We bide thine hour.

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