A Typical Burns' Supper (no matter where you live!)

by Hellon

The haggis is a scottish dish
served up oin Burns' night
wae bagpipes blowin' tae pipe it in
it is indeed a splendid sight.

With wonderous pomp and gesture
speeches made tae awe in kin
by the time yae get tae eat it
you cannae wait tae wire in.

Anither toast!..'The Lassies' Reply"
the gless is never foar fae yur lips
yiv lost coont aw how many yiv hid
bit it wiz mer than a few sips.

Efter the ceremony's oor
the dancin' it begins
twirlin' aroon wae yur partner
linkin' erms as yae dae funny spins.

Strip the Willow..The Gay Gordons
an even the Highland fling
yae waltz aroon the dance flair
like yur legs are oin twae springs.

The next day, wae a massive hingour
yae cin remember nuthin' at awe
yur kilt lies on the flair in a heap
so yae must oh hid a baw.

Wae a hair-o-the-dug in wan hon
in an askit tae kill the pain
yae look furret tae St Andrew's Night
whin yae cin dae it awe again!

@Hellon January 2007

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Mar 01, 2009
Help Ma Boab !!!!!
by: Anonymous

Ha ha... your take on Burns Night is superb....and very accurate I feel !!!!!! Roll oan the nixt wan Hellon....


Feb 27, 2009
Great Stuff!
by: May

Hi Hellon
You really have quite a talent for writing in the auld tongue. But I'm getting worried about you. Is it any excuse for a booze up down there in Australia? You'll have to find something in between Burns Night and St Andrews. Maybe the Highland Games will be a good excuse.

Keep 'em coming Hellon.


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