Auchtermuchty Fields ©

by Robbie Kennedy Bennett

He came from Auchtermuchty where seven bridges stand,
Seven churches surrounded him his folk did work the land.
In seven public houses shrewd in spending what they earn,
Seven bridges across the Calsey burn.

Born in a room on a narrow wynd,
To a family familiar with daily grind.
In Auchtermuchty fields he clambered stony walls,
An Auchtermuchty young man then recalls.
Town Band playing in the square,
Craft stalls and the market there.
Muchty made this bairn a man so grand,
In Auchtermuchty fields his folk did work the land.

From that home on a narrow wynd,
Auchtermuchty he left behind.
In Perth he met a lassie oh so fair,
He told her of the Town Band playing in Muchty Market Square.

He asked if he’d offended, why did she bow her bonnie head,
Distressed she seemed from what this sir had said.
Auchtermuchty childhood a kind laddie held her hand,
She answered Muchty people they are grand,
In Auchtermuchty fields, her folk did work the land.

There was a wee young lassie
In fields and Muchty market square,
Then one day the lassie was nae there.
He grew and then forgot her, so the laddie thought,
Fate once more was active and it brought.
Two bairns again united, in love about to fall,
In Auchtermuchty fields they clambered stony walls.

They came from Auchtermuchty where seven bridges stand,
Seven churches surrounded them their folk did work the land.
In seven silent seconds love supervised that day,
Fields of Auchtermuchty may have mystified the Tay.

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May 26, 2010
Connected to Auchtermuchty
by: James taylor

My Great Great Grandfather Robert Taylor was Born In Auchtermuchy, Fife, Scotland Circa: 1802 Married Elisabeth Henderson Nov. 06, 1825, left there in 1831 for lower Canada.
I really enjoyed your poem Robbie it made me feel connected. I live In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Dec 24, 2008
Thumbs up for 'Muchty
by: May

Hi Robbie
Well, as someone whose home is in Auchtermuchty I found your poem charming. It's a great place to live. Thanks for sharing it.

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