Behold Glenfinnan - A Legendary Place

by Anita Williams
(Shropshire, England)

Behold Glenfinnan...a legendary place.

Behold Glenfinnan...a legendary place.

Take to the West Highland Railway

Twixt Fortwilliam and the port of Mallaig

To this village in Lochaber where

Dreams were conquered, amount a fine staig.

As we flock to the viewpoint to capture

This monument made for the lens

Glenfinnan has curdled emotion

Drawing tears; poets take to their pens.

The dawn of the Jacobite rising

Where Stuart raised his standard on the shores of Loch Shiel

Bonnie Prince Charlie’s brave doing

Just imagine his heart’s turmoil reel.

Gasps abound as we stand in amazement

That this place could exist here at all

A miracle bathed in glorious heathers and green

Staged with purpose; nature’s finest call.

A history steeped in romance

And a sight that all people should see

My visit to Scotland’s not over

Till we’ve connected; Glenfinnan and me.

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