Elie in the summer

by Captain Pugwash

What more can you ask for!

What more can you ask for!

Elie is a place that has a crisp beauty that causes you to do a double take - "where am I?".

Close your eyes, open them again and you could be in some exotic place. Close your eyes, open them again and smell the woody Barbecue then see the quaint little 'pub' opposite - can this really be Scotland?

Of course it is - you should have become accustomed by now to the wonders of Fife and the many secret places to give you a sense of well being and pleasure.

Elie is a lovely place with golden sands, blue sea and a feeling of, well, just a feeling of relaxation. If you are not convinced then take off your shoes run barefoot in the golden sands and you will get the idea what Elie is all about.

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Nov 16, 2007
by: Susan

What a lovely tranquil place, which soothes and balms the soul, it looks like it might almost float away. The legend of the Brig a Doon appearing out of the mists is one thing but this just seems to appear out of the blue! I think part of the magic of Fife is the amount of water surrounding it and some of these amazing wee villages that have grown up around the coastline are just unique. Its just lovely to hop from one to the other and explore.

Nov 15, 2007
Is this like heaven?
by: May

What a glorious picture - and yes Elie is a lovely seaside village. What I love about it in the summer is watching all the fabulous water sports - it really does make you think you are somewhere exotic.

Thanks for sharing this picture.

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