If Iver They

by Frank Maguire

If iver they should meet wance mair
Be it far awa ur near
Whit deepest thoughts micht manifest
Wid they shed a happy tear

Wid they look intae each ithers eeyn
An gaze sae longingly
Looking fur that spark o love
Thit wance shone endlessly

Wid they smile a smile o long ago
An share a laugh ur twa
Retreating back to how they wur
O lovin times sae braw

Wid they walk in step then talk awhile
An haud hauns doon the lane
Re-livin awe those happy times
Like kissin in the rain

Wid they tell each ither how its been
An how they feel the day
Expressin sic a timeless love
In each an everyway

Wid they dae each o these lovin things
An plan fur pastures new
Tae realise a burnin love
Eternal an sae true

Ur wid they turn the ither cheek
An keep their thoughts at bay
By leavin things jist as they wur
Then walk the other way

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May 08, 2010
by: May

Oh Frank
Another treat from you. What a star you are. I just love your poetry.!
Thanks for posting it here.

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