If Ye Wur Mine

by Frank Maguire

If ye wur mine
A'd guie tae you my being an ma soul
My love for ye wid reach up tae the sky
A'd find a way tae mak sure
Thit yer life was truly whole
If ye wur mine,
A'd love ye till a die

If ye wur mine
A'd shower ye wae raindrops foo o love
Ma sun wid brighten up yer avenue
A'd guie tae ye the brightest star
Thit shines sae high above
If ye wur mine
A'd be forever true

If ye wur mine
A'd mak ye happy every single day
Ma hert wid beat for ye alain ma dear
A'd never tell ye oany lies
Nae matter come whit may
If ye wur mine
A'd always want ye near

If ye wur mine
A?d walk wae ye an always haud yer haun
My een wid always find their way tae you
A?d marry ye the morra
An we?d wear oor wedding bands
If ye wur mine
A?d mak oor dreams come true

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