In Forest Deep

by Frank Maguire

In forest deep beyond the dream
A tree it stauns alane
It’s said tae be the only place
Whaur true love ye can gain
Mony lovers huv adorned this place
United in their sleep
An they found the chalice o true love
Somewhere in forest deep

This tree could tell o mony tales
O passion fuelled by lust
Tales o true romantic love
Thit is born oan faith an trust
Awe who touch the tree o love
Wull sow an they wull reap
The wanton love thit’s in their hert
Somewhere in forest deep

So if ye huv never been in love
Thus yer hert is longing sae
Fur the wan thing thit wull mak ye whole
Maist each an everyday
If love is whit yer looking fur
Tae cherish an tae keep
Jist go an find the tree o love
Somewhere in forest deep

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