My name is Paulette and I found this site because I was looking for a Scottish Restaurant to take my friend . He is from Scotland visiting me here in the US. I wanted to surprise him with a good Scottish meal here in the US. I did find a Scottish Restaurant an hour away from my city in Milwaukee Wisconsin, US. I hope to enjoy the great Scottish cuisine at this restaurant with him. I am going to share this site with him as I think he would appreciate it very much.

Thank you,

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Nov 04, 2009
Scottish Cusine
by: Anonymous

Hello May,

Sorry I have not gotten to leave a comment sooner. Well about that resturant I was taking my friend.It was a Pub and even though it was a Scottish Pub they did not serve Scottish food. We were very disapointed and made other plans. I did find however the Scottish Masonic Center in downtown Milwaukee,Wisconsin and it was amazing in there. My friends father was a Mason and this was the high light of his trip here to the US. There were 4 floors and every floor had priceless paintings and other art. The Pub was in the basement and also a resturant. They did not have Scottish food however the fish was the best anywhere in the state of Wisconsin!!! The Mason that showed us around was absoultly wonderful and my friend had a wonderful chat with him.This place was for members only but when I told him of my delema with my friend visiting here and he was from Scotland, well they made a special place there for us and bent the rules. Sorry I cannot share any pictures as they did not allow picture taking there as there is a risk of theft and selling of copies so we understood. I had a wonderful time with my friend here and he is coming back next summer for 2 weeks then and I have my work cut out for me now that I know more of his interests!! I also plan on making him a home made Scottish dinner when he returns so I am practicing now for to surprise him. Thank you for your site and I will be using a few of your recipe's to please him.


May 25, 2009
Thank you!
by: May

Hi Paulette
Thank you for signing my visitor's page and your kind comments about my site. I hope you and your friend have a wonderful meal at the Scottish Restaurant. If you have time - come back to this post and add a comment - and let us know what you had for dinner. I'd just love to know what a US Restaurant serving Scottish food actually serves.
Have a lovely time.

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