Keeper of the ruins

by John

Keeper of the ruins

Keeper of the ruins

Dunfermline Abbey is a wonderful historic place to visit and it boasts of free roaming Peacocks in its grounds.

They strut around the grounds often displaying their beautiful plumage for all the world to see, making their loud cries as if they really are guarding the ruins and grounds of the ancient Abbey. So remember if you see one .... they really do own the place!!

I remember on one occasion one of these peacocks holding up traffic as it strolled down the middle of Dunfermline High Street without a care in the world. No-one dared get drive fast. All the cars had to wait until the majestic peacock decided to move off the road.

With the backdrop of the ancient walls this makes a peaceful scene - I hope you enjoy it.

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Oct 29, 2007
A perfect thinking spot
by: Anonymous

This is a very romantic and magical photo of a peacock with the remains of the old palace behind it. It's one of my favorite thinking spots in Dunfermline.

I once spotted a peacock very close to this spot looking into a bakers window as if he were choosing a cake! Which just goes to show that peacocks are full of character and love eating all the wrong things, just as we do.

Oct 29, 2007
Fabulous Picture
by: May

I've done the walk around Dunfermline Abbey and Pittencrieff Park and I can almost hear the squawk of the peacocks.

I've also seen them wander down the High Street from time to time.

Also Love the title of your picture.

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