Lady Mary Ann

by Robert Burns

Submitted by a Burns Fan

O Lady Mary Ann looks o'er the Castle wa',
She saw three bonnie boys playing at the ba',
The youngest he was the flower amang them a' -
My bonnie laddie's young, but he's growin yet!

O father, O father, an ye think it fit,
We'll send him a year to the college yet;
We'll sew a green ribbon round about his hat,
And that will let them ken he's to marry yet!'

Lady Mary Ann was a flower in the dew,
Sweet was its smell and bonie was its hue,
And the longer it blossom'd the sweeter it grew,
For the lily in the bud will be bonier yet.

Young Charlie Cochran was the sprout of an aik;
Bonnie and bloomin and straucht was its make;
The sun took delight to shine for its sake,
And it will be the brag o' the forest yet.

The simmer is gane when the leaves they were green,
And the days are awa that we hae seen;
But far better days I trust will come again.
For my bonnie laddie's young, but he's growin yet.

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Feb 08, 2008
Burns poem
by: Anonymous

Dear Burns fan, thank you so much for posting that! A friend sent it to me, and it truly brightened my day. I thought I had seen all things "Mary Ann" by now (I'm into my second half century), but I had missed this one. And it is so charming. I am constantly amazed at all the wonders of Scotland -- poets and places and plentiful laughter.

Feb 08, 2008
I didn't know this song/poem
by: May

Thanks for submitting this one - it's not one I am familiar with. As I have a couple of friends/family called Mary Ann - I find it interesting.

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