Last Tae Cuddle Doon

Alexander Anderson
Last Tae Cuddle Doon
The win' moans roon' the auld hoose'en
An shakes the ae fir tree
An as it souks,it waukens up
Auld thing,fu dear tae me
If I could only greet, my heart
It wadna be sae sore
But tears are gane,and bairns are gane
An' baith come back nae mair
Aye Tam,poor Tam,sae fu o' fun
He fan' this warld a fecht
An sair,sair,he was hadden doon
Wi mony a weary wecht
He bore it a'.until the end
But when we laid him doon
The grey hairs there,afore thier time
Were thick among the broon
An Jamie,wi the curly heid
Sae burly,big,an braw
Was cut doon,in the prime o' youth
The first,amang them a'
If I had tears,for them auld e'en
Then could I greet fu weel
Tae think o' Jamie lyin deid
Aneath the engine wheel
Wee Rab-whit can I say o'him
He's waur than deid tae me
Nae word frae him,thae weary years
Has come across the sea
Could I but ken,that he is weel
As here I sit this nicht
This warl',wi a' its faucht an' care
Wid look a wee thing licht
I sit afore a hauf-oot fire
An' I am a' ma lane
Nae frien hae I tae dauner in
For a' ma fouk are gane
I wuss that he what rules us a'
Frae where he dwell aboon
Wad touch ma auld grey heid an say
It's time tae cuddle doon
I sit afore a hauf-lit fire
An' I am a' ma lane
Nae frien' or fremit dauners in
For a' ma fouk are gane
An' john_that was ma ain,gudeman
He sleeps the mools amang
An' auld frail body,like masel
Its time that I should gang

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Sep 10, 2016
Last verse is actually first verse NEW
by: Anonymous

The verse you have last is the first verse. It mentions John and the children come after.

The win moans' as it souchs Not souks

Thanks. .L.

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