My Solway Joys

by James Wheatley
(Sudbury Suffolk)

It sparkles in the morning sun
Lights twinkle when the day is done.
A Magnox giant sleeps in the bay
Its roar, now safely locked away.

It guides the salmon to its home
Provides a space for winds to roam,
Fuelled by the moon's bi-rhythmic way
Two tides race through each Solway day.

Small children happily scream and shrill
Enjoying the freedoms in which they thrill.
Some boats - not many, ply their way
They add more interest to the view Solway.

In autumn when the sun seems spent
The geese return with gay lament.
Wind turbines on the Firth array
It's good to watch their restful sway.

The winter storms bring thrill and change
They charge the beach and re-arrange.
The snow tops shrink and fade away,
The reeds grow through by early May.

Between its banks the clouds oft split
The sun peeps through to smile at it
Please, come and share her, spend the day
We all can feel its our Solway.

JW 2004

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Apr 23, 2018
by water NEW
by: jackie

You forgot the wind,the washed up rubbish and that half buried black plastic bag that you suspect might have a composing body in it.
..I need to talk with you about something..

Jul 11, 2013
by: Divino Amaral


I may say that your poem is wonderful, I've never been in Scotland, you know it looks like I've

lived there ages before, now I'm reading this fantastic poem listening to a Celtic Bagpipe compilation.

I wish one day I'll be visiting Scotland.

- Congratulations.

May 29, 2010
by: Archie

Very nice! Real good feel to it!

May 24, 2010
A lovely poem
by: Alison xxx

A lovely poem - I've never been there, but have a wonderful picture in my head of what it must be like.

May 22, 2010
Nice Poem!
by: May

Hi James
Welcome to the site - and many thanks for sharing with us. I love the Solway area - of course I love Fife even more. But I appreciate you sharing your work with us.

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