Return We Will

by Frank Maguire

There’s miny a Scot wha’s wandered far
Across yon briny sea
Some seek their fame an fortune
While some ithers travel free
But there’s wan thing that unites us awe
Through the years an miny a mile
It’s a common luv thit we awe share
Fir this God blessed wee bit isle

Though we are gone an far awa
Oor herts remain at hame
Roots still planted firm an true
Forever tae remain
Thoughts oh lochs an bonnie glens
Whaur the mountains touch the sky
Memories oh childhood days
As the years jist flew oan by

Missin awe the brawest things
Wae deep inside oor bones
Like Irn Bru, some Scottish breed
An a plate oh tattie scones
Longin fir tae see again
The red deer roam the hill
Wae bluebells swayin twa an fro
In the wind wae bitter chill

Hopes an prayers oor bonnie land
Will prosper an aspire
An guie the wains a fightin chance
Tae tak oor country higher
A silent promise deep inside
Lives in oor herts yit still
Thit come the day when awe is said
Nae doubt return we will

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Sep 14, 2010
by: Bibby

Aye yer right enough there Frank - I spent 6 years away from bonnie Scotland and pathetic tho it may be I was that homesick I left paradise wi sun sea sand and a turquoise lagoon view to live in a wee street in Inverness and don't regret a single second of coming home! Get yersel back here and stop the brain drain!

Apr 29, 2009
Oor Land
by: Hellon

Perhaps this was inspired by our wee conversation? We get irn bru here but it costs a fortune, still I buy it for there's nothing that compares to our other national drink...sometimes I have to hunt for but I usually have my own little stash haha!!

Your poems on Scotland always make me homesick and this one was no exception....lovely verse, as usual.

Mar 24, 2009
Great Poem
by: Anonymous

Great poem Frank, to add to your collection.
I tried to book hotels in Edinburgh, for end of May,and they are extortionate some are four times the normal price. A great homecoming for our fellow Scots!

Mar 22, 2009
Sounds like you're homesick!
by: May

Hi Frank
Another nice poem - thanks for sharing it with us. But you seem to be getting more and more homesick for Scotland. I do hope you at least get to visit often.


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