Staffordshire Writer Inspired by Fife Roots

by Robbie Kennedy Bennett

I was a middle aged man when I discovered that I loved my roots in Fife. Having been called a 'Black Country Poet' for a few years, another chapter in my life appeared. Over a decade of poems kept flowing and two books were written of the finding of family, dwellings, places of rest.

Collessie, the peacefulness of what is my dads birthplace give me thoughts so deep that it's difficult to explain. Ladybank, where he grew up and the war memorial which my gt, grandfather being the picture house manager helped to raise funds. 'The Lomond Hills stand high, as high as the Scottish sky' is a line from a poem of mine. My eyes continually get drawn to them resulting in having to climb them to see the glorious Kingdom of Fife, the clouds formed around me too quickly.

Ancestors call me to St Andrews which has become my favourite place on earth and my first choice of a holiday destination. Time goes by too fast in Fife, I return home and plan for the next time.

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