Stovies a la superior

by Pedro Pocus

Lean beef mince 400g
Pork sausages 8 (depending on size)
2 large onions
1 medium turnip (suede)
8 average tatties (potatoes)
3 large carrots
Some beef stock or water
Olive oil or dripping
1 big ass pot with lid

Chop all veg medium chunks coarsely as it does not matter although I do dice onion a little finer...prep done!!!
Sweat onions and brown mince in oil should take about 5-10 mins
add pork sausage!
***Now the most important part add water/stock just enough to just about cover meat and onion do not cover or submerge as veg releases moisture too!! too much water/stock will give you mushiness we want softness!!!*****
Add veg to pot!!
Place lid on and simmer!!
Stir occasionally while adding your choice of herbs spices and seasoning!!
Should take about an hour to forty-five mins!!
Serve with brown sauce on the side (",)

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