Stovies the Niddrie Mains way

by Brian Elliot
(UK )

500 grams (1lb tatties) 1 large Onion. 1oxo cube.1 tin corn beef, salt pepper 1 tablespoon of water.

You need the patience of Saint to make this work. But believe me it is worth it. If you have a large family just add an other onion and tattie. remember this was made before spices became available.

Large pan, must have heaven bottom (this is poor food use any thing). For the first time do it this way.
Pot on stove, table spoon water, sliced potato cover bottom pot, sliced onion cover potato, sliced corn beef cover onion,salt pepper, sliced potato,sliced onion, crumble half oxo cube,sliced corn beef ,salt pepper.silced potato, sliced onion other half oxo cube, corn, beef, onion, potato
If you have tall pot do it this way, wide pot two layers. This is not cordon blue.
The secret to this meal put it on number two or three heat on the hob.
I say. I say ' DO NOT removed the lid for an hour'....If you do the steam will be released and the tatties will not cook....After check the top potatoes checking they are soft..When ready place pot on the table with warm plates.brown sauce. The bottom of the pot will be burnt that is when the fight will start...I know there are folks out who thrive chillies try this without for the first time.. You do not need posh food after this..No corn beef use sausages

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Aug 11, 2017
Edinburgh Stovies NEW
by: Anonymous

The ingredients my mother used are the same apart from more water but cooked in open pan and continually stirred. The taste was amazing as long as corned beef was used, not sausages! Unfortunately as a vegetarian of many years standing, I can no longer have these Stovies and nothing vegetarian tastes even similar!

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