The Battle of Stirling Bridge

by adebayo adeyanju

Battle of Dunbar 's agley
Sasannach invasion blew us away like a sgal
In the shaw, loch and brae we fought
Coor our land from the fierce reiver
As men of honour dressed in a bright breacan
Beautiful wife in her magnificient kirtle
With a quaich in both hands to drink our strong wine
Slained men, dirty cuaran with blood-stained dirk
battle lost but victory's in our comeback
Dunbar battle did put a stone on our cairn
Andrew de Morray clan motto spread like firestone
William Wallace roared back from the brae of hope
Schiltrons, calvary men and longbowmen
Protecting targe with a a sharp dirk ready for war
many strong men were away the crow road
In protecting the land they all adore
The victory of Stirling bridge 's braw
but our victory is always in our haudin of strength.

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May 12, 2009
Braveheart yet again!
by: May

Thank you for sharing this poem with us - it'll surely bring out the pride in our nation. I've only got to hear Braveheart music to set me off (even tho' the story on film wasn't exactly fact - it still showed the 'spirit' of the times).
thanks for sharing

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