The Clubhouse Bar & Brasserie Dalgety Bay

by ed connro

I donated a pack of mushrooms the Clubhouse restaurant the other day. Why? Well it seems the credit crunch / economic downturn has taken its toll on the menu.

Despite the menu declaring mushrooms as part of their breakfast selection, mine arrived accompanied by one solitary mushroom cap. Apparently, the restaurant uses Portobello mushrooms in the kitchen and being a ‘large’ species, restaurant convention is to serve a single mushroom (cap?). Even so the cap had dimensions commensurate with a 10-pence piece.

Same deal some days later, the ‘full breakfast’ arrived accompanied by HALF a SINGLE MUSHROOM CAP! The explanation this time was that the breakfast policy had changed to serving BUTTON mushrooms with breakfast. However, running low on supplies the chef had decided to serve Portobello mushrooms (now normally reserved to accompany steaks for evening diners!) and, ‘Portobello mushrooms being a ‘large’ species’, chef decided to serve half the mushroom cap rather than a portion of button mushrooms.

I might be wide of the mark, but the same place also complained of being in short supply of tea and limited toast with breakfast to a single round due to a ‘shortage of bread’ too, so I might be forgiven for thinking at just under £7:00 per head, their caterer just can’t buy enough produce to satisfy the menu.

So I gave them the carton of mushrooms with my compliments. Hopefully I can maybe anticipate something more generous than half a mushroom cap with breakfast if I visit soon. And if I don’t, well I’m comforted by the knowledge that some other diner might not be fractionally disappointed in their portion of mushrooms.

I pointed out too that ASDA, TESCO and M&S food were all within a couple of hundred yards of the restaurant, maybe they could shop around for the best price to help solve the scarcity of tea and bread supplies.

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Dec 08, 2015
does basil faulty live here NEW
by: Anonymous

i think it needs to look on this site to see what we locals think of your resturant.

Mar 03, 2013
Bad service and food
by: Anonymous

Had the unfortunate pleasure of visiting the clubhouse today for a small family celebration. We arrived at 1.30 and placed our order pretty swiftly and then waited an hour for any food to arrive. After querying when the food was going to arrive, we were told that it was just being plated up and the delay was due to the time it takes to cook chicken (!)

The food was cooked so well that most of it was burned and cold whereas everything else was just cold. This was very disappointing and the manager was not much assistance (but better than the staff who were doing a good job of standing around).

The reason for the catalogue of cockups became evident when leaving as the chef's were enjoying a cig out the back. This shows massive contempt for those people who were still waiting for food when we left and little respect for the serving staff who were receiving complaints on the floor.

May 12, 2012
very poor
by: hungry Joe

wrong meal brought, flat coke, really slow service, expensive for what it is pub grub at best- dont bother going here

May 12, 2012
by: Graeme

Overpriced, slow service & bland food - I wont be back!

Apr 26, 2012
Previous comment NOT mine !!!!
by: Mike Cooper ( Dalgety Bay)

I suspect the comment previous that mentions the Cedar Inn has been written by someone trying to drum up business there.
Ive had many enjoyable times at the Clubhouse ! and sure will in the future; food has always been very good.

Oct 01, 2011
Bland bland bland
by: Anonymous

Well what can I say, went once when we 1st moved to the bay, not impressed, was my boyfriends birthday and thought we would give it another go so we could both have a drink as it is within walking distance, we had the bread with oil and balsamic vinegar the oil was disgusting both oil and vinegar where cheap crap, the mains where bland and under seasoned, the apparently smoked mash did not taste smoked and why u would want to smoke the mash was beyond me!!!! My main had about 5 chips with it!!!! Don't get me wrong the food was cooked well it just didn't taste very nice for what you pay, if you where paying £6.00 for the pub grub that it is you wouldn't mind paying. But when you pay those prices you expect food better than you can cook at home. Apparently keeping bottles of coke in the fridge is alien to them, when we did complain, the waitress came back and said no1 had complained before, I find that hard to believe. Most other restaurants would offer a free drink at least but no they just don't care, they have the monopoly and get away with it. Needless to say we won't be going back.

Jul 04, 2011
Poor quality at inflated prices
by: Anonymous

I used to like the Clubhouse in Dalgety Bay but not any more. I've been to the Clubhouse three times in the past year but the food has really gone downhill. The restaurant is trying to be something it's not - it's not an upmarket bistro with good quality food that you'd be willing to pay for or a good pub restaurant that serves decent quality meals at value for money prices. The starters are expensive for the little amount you get and the poor quality - tiny scallops for around £8. The mains such as the steak are overpriced and very poor quality and I've sent my steaks back every time - I now buy and cook the very good Marks and Spencer steaks that put the Clubhouse offerings to shame. Unfortunately I won't be back and it's a shame because it used to be good but they don't deserve another chance.

Jun 18, 2011
Wrong Turn
by: Mike Cooper

You see if are easily pleased by dark lighting and sofas you probably don't notice that everything else is average except the bill. I nip along to the Cedar Inn Aberdour and you get a French chef cooking fresh (not brakes brothers ready meals). Much more reasonable better quality and in a real pub not a pllastic one. Live music some nights and no chance of getting beaten to a pulp by the morons that inhabit the Clubhouse bar.

Nov 12, 2010
by: jonathen

I and my wife have recently dined at the clubhouse and found the experience rather delightful. The ambience in the restaurant for me was great , and thought the menu was reasonably priced for the quality of food, all in all good meal , thumbs up

Jul 14, 2010
Freshly squeezed - from a carton
by: Robster

We went along for a 'full Scottish' one Sunday not too long ago. Menu specifically said 'freshly squeezed orange juice' - I observed the bar tender squeezing it freshly from a carton of economy concentrate! Topped-off with the toast that was actually bread warmed on a lighbulb because their 'toaster was broken and the grill would have just burned the toast', we left feeling that on the whole it wasn't bad for the price - but the ClubHouse should focus on not using quite so much artistic license on their menu copy!

Jul 11, 2010
Oh! Dear!
by: James

Perhaps there wasne mushroom in the pantry!!!!

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