The Doo


Thur wiz a doo, An this doo wiz blue
An it goat itsell right in a mess
An maybe you’ve no' heard o’ this doo
So I’ll tell ye,for ye widnae guess

The wee doo wiz seek it hud hurted it’s beak
Jist wi’ stabbin’ a dod o’ hard breed
Alang came a boy, jist an oardinary wee boy
Wi’ snotters hingin fae iz nose an beasts oan iz heid

The wee boy says ”Aw jings Ah love aw things wi wings”
An he gied the wee doo a big cuddle
He straightened its beak he jist gied it a tweak
An he saftened its breed in a puddle

Noo, the doo et the breed, it wiz hunger no greed
An he says tae the boy “thanks aloat”
An he says “Oh Boy! Ah’ll no forget”
An the truth is he never forgoat

So take heed an iewiz saften doo’s breed
And dinnae hit wee boys wi’ beasts oan thur heid
For if you hit the boy that wiz guid tae the doo
The next thing you’ll know is,the doo will get you

Look up an haud yur haun ower yur eye.

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Mar 10, 2013
The Blue Doo
by: John Cunningham

I also heard it in the mid-seventies, recited by one of the members of The Laggan folk group. The poem was written by the Glasgow cartoonist Bud Neill who was famous for his Lobey Dosser character.

Sep 17, 2010
the old ones are the best
by: Mike

I heard this at a folk club in Stirling over 35 years ago, recited by a Liam Chalmers. Been looking for it ever since! Thank you.

Aug 15, 2010
Very Amusing
by: May

Wish you had put your name - I could really picture this scene - very amusing.
Thanks for sharing.

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