The Old Man From Sheriffmuir

by Frank Maguire

By the bonnie hills of Sheriffmuir
Where clear the waters run
There bides a little cottage
Standing quietly in the sun
Inside, there lives a lonely man
Who is nearly eighty three
With ears that do not hear too much
And eyes that cannot see

But yet, his heart is full of life
And so full of love as well
For his wife of twenty years ago
Who is buried in the dell
Each night he sits and ponders
And his memories untwine
Of when he walked the heather
With his one true love divine

They met when they were seventeen
On the hills of Sheriffmuir
He was taken with her bonnie hair
As she stood with much demure
She stole away his heart that morn
And they we set to be
Twin flames of burning passion
Lasting all eternity

They shared a life so wondrous
It was plain for all to see
These two were so inseparable
For their love was meant to be
And even when she passed away
On a snowy Winter morn
In body, spirit, mind and soul
Their love, it would live on

Each morning, he sets down the road
And walks a weary mile
To sit down by her graveside
For to talk to her a while
He knows the time will soon arrive
When he walks through heavens door
He will hold her tightly in his arms
Just like he did before

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Jul 13, 2008
very moving
by: captain pugwash

Thanks Frank for your very moving story poem. I really enjoyed it and found it very moving and challenging. Thank you.

Jul 13, 2008
What a Beautiful Love Poem!
by: May

Hi Frank
Thanks for sharing this lovely song poem. I was really moved when I read it - it almost brought tears to my eyes. Such love like that is rare today, but when we have it, it's worth fighting for and preserving.
So thank you for sharing this deeply moving 'story' with us.

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