The Terrace of The Bell Rock Tavern

by Robbie Kennedy Bennett

Had a great day
In Dundee o'er The Tay
This man named Bennett
Went a travelling that way
To Dundee o'er The Tay

And don't she look fine?
Every Dundonian of mine
In bygone time
Dundonian's o mine
Let me tell, Dundee looks fine

Drawing me there
Seagate, Murraygate,
Everywhere we did walk
Listening to Dundonian's talk

To top a great day
In Tayport back o'er The Tay
Upon the terrace of
The Bell Rock Tavern
Looking o'er The Tay

The Bell Rock Tavern
On Dalgleish Street
Hospitality, a welcome greet
In Tayport o'er The Tay
Where a hundred years and more
A man named Bennet came a travelling that way
To Tayport o'er The Tay

But today is today
In The Bell Rock Tavern
A man named Bennett
Who would have thought it today?
Climbing steps, up and down and each way
Looking o'er The Mighty Tay

From The Bell Rock Tavern
Wrestling I am with past time
Those old Dundonian's of mine
Playing on my mind

A man named Bennett
Whose bound to have the last say
That terrace on The Bell Rock Tavern
Topped a great day
So call in yourself one day!

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