Trips to Isle of May

by Captain Pugwash

A day at sea

A day at sea

Nothing digital about this sign. In the Kingdom of Fife we like to do things that take us back to the days when things were less stressful and had more of an earthy feel to them.

I really like this photo. Not only does it advertise the trip to the Isle of May from Anstruther (to which you can return for traditional fish n chips and mushy peas!) - but it tells us that we can expect to see Puffins, Seals and view the Benedictine Priory and feel the history.

A day on the May Princess will take you away from all the stresses of modern life and let you draw near to nature.

Now I know you would expect me to say that going to sea is good for you - but the truth is that it is! Not only the fresh sea air, but at sea there is a clear sense of timelessness. The boat is slow, the Island slowly gets bigger and bigger and the land smaller and smaller.

Make sure you take binoculars with you and a coat, as even on a hot day it can be breezy 'at sea'.

You can get from the photo an idea of the times and details - this is a must if you are visiting our wonderful Kingdom. If you are not a good sailor there is a Chemist just opposite in Anstruther where you can get your 'sea sick tablets' - failing that pick a day that is nice and calm and let the whole experience take away your cares for the day.

The sailing goes from Anstruther's main street opposite the Fishery museum.

Go for it! remember Captain Pugwash said it!

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Feb 24, 2013
Trip to the Isle of May
by: Anonymous

Well Captain there is now a fast rib service to the isle of May, since 2009 I think, its called Osprey.
It was not a nice day, however the Osprey made short work of that. we had a great trip, it only took about half an hour to cross.

Nov 16, 2007
fair weather
by: Landlubber

Well Captain, I believe you - but I'm a fair weather sailor so will only be trying this one out in the nice calm flat days! I do think your photo does give a homely kind of bygone days feel and I'm sure it would be a great wee trip to try out, when it's one of Fife's shiny days!

Nov 16, 2007
Lead me aboard!
by: May

Well Captain - this little reminder is just another of Fife's treasures, like you said. The Isle of May is just a real haven for wildlife - and you can see it from nearly all the coastal villages of the East Neuk. It's glorious. I would have to recommend to visitors to try to choose a nice day - but that's because I'm not so good at sea!
Thanks for sharing this.

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