Two Parties and a Hangover

by Hellon

Ma heid's pure nippin' an am feelin sick
it's been a big twae days fur me
furst there wiz Burns' night
then came Australia Day.

Why couldnae Rabbie hiv been born in June
tae give me a wee bit breathin' space
back tae back partyin' is nae good
a jist cannae keep up the pace.

A think a need tae check in tae
a wee clinic tae dry oot
somewhere quiet an tranquil
wae nae alcohol aboot.

A hail week fur tae detox
is whit a think a need
nae mer food high in fat
a place were vegies is awe they feed.

so if yae ken oh such a place
gonnae tell me where it is
a need tae get ma enurgy back
St Andrews nicht will be roon in a whiz.

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Feb 26, 2009
Full of humour!
by: May

Hi Hellon
I am delighted that you've sent in another poem in the auld mither tongue. I wonder how long you've been in Australia? But it is fantastic that you're holding on to your Scottish roots and vocabulary. You obviously have a great sense of humour and that comes out in your work.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Feb 26, 2009

What an awesome poem. I sit and read these poems and I think of my one friend who has the real heavy accent and when I read these words (I sometimes have to read them a couple times to figure out what it is) I can just hear her saying them.
Keep up the great work I love reading your contributions.

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