Wauken Up

Alexander Anderson
Wauken Up

Will I hae tae speak again
Tae they wean's o' mine
Echt o'clock an weel I ken
The schule gangs in at nine
Little hauds me but tae gang
An fetch the muckle whup
Oh ye sleepy heided rogues
Wull ye wauken up
Never mither had sic a faught
No a meenits ease
Clean Tam,as ye like, at nicht
His breeks are through the knees
Thread is no'for him at a
It never hauds the grup
Maun I speak again ye rogues
Wull ye wauken up
Tam,the very last tae bed
He winna rise ava'
Last tae get his books an slate
Last tae winna awa
Sic a loon for tricks an fun
Heeds na' what I say
Rab an Jamie,but they plagues
Wull they sleep a' day
Here they come,the three at aince
Lookin gleg an fell
Hoo they ken thier bits o claes
Beats me fair tae hell
Wash your wee bit faces clean
An heres your bite an sup
Never was mair wiselike bairns
Noo they've wauken up
There,the three are aff at last
I watch then frae the door
That Tam,he's at his tricks again
I count them by the score
He's pit his fit,afore wee Rab
An' coupit Jamie doon
Could I but pit my hands on him
I'd mak him claw his croon
Noo tae get my wark on han
I'll hae a busy day
But losh' the hoose is unco quate
Since they are a' away
A dizzen times,I'll look the clock
When it comes roon tae three
For cuddlin doon,or waukenin up
They're dear dear bairns tae me

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