Way to go

by John

'Way to go'

'Way to go'

Dotted throughout the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland are these wonderful, ancient road signs which have been lovingly preserved and maintained. You will find them on the grassy verges near crossroads.

The 'hand' signals show you the way to go and the mileage from that particular point.

It reminds me of another age, when life was slower, probably before cars, to the days of horse and carriage. No doubt the driver of the carriage would stop, get out and check the sign before proceeding on his journey. It certainly can't be read the way modern road signs are - you really have to slow down to the point of stopping to check out the number of miles to your destination.

By looking at the mileage can you guess where this is?

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Oct 31, 2010
I love these signs...
by: Alana

...and I have a feeling I know where this one is too! It's the one at Higham Toll is it not?

Oct 28, 2007
Great Photo
by: May

Not sure exactly where it is - but it's certainly somewhere in North East Fife, between St Andrews and The East Neuk.

Maybe we should have a competition to find out EXACTLY where it is?

But these old signs are great.

Thanks for sumbitting it.

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